Edinburgh TSI

Welcome to the Edinburgh Third Sector Interface (TSI) site. Here you can find out about our partnership, who we are and how, by working together, we are able to provide you with fully integrated support and help.

Our partnership starts from the principle that as the established experts in our respective fields, when we work together we are able to better support you - whether you are a volunteer, a voluntary organisation or a social enterprise. After all, without volunteers there is no voluntary sector, many social enterprises use volunteers and many voluntary organisations have social enterprise functions or aspirations. We all connect together.

Who are we?

Edinburgh TSI is a partnership of three organisations which help to support and develop the city's third sector:

EVOC’s mission is to support the Voluntary Sector to build and enable resilient, sustainable and inclusive communities.

Our vision is of a valued and respected Voluntary Sector, in which EVOC serves as a trusted leader, effective strategic partner and model of good practice for the Sector.

We help to support, develop and promote the interests and work of voluntary and community organisations in Edinburgh.

We do this by:

  • Providing services that enable voluntary sector organisations to thrive
  • Working to influence the statutory sector in the creation of conditions that will allow the voluntary sector to flourish

Edinburgh Social Enterprise creates the conditions for social enterprises to thrive in Edinburgh. We do this by:

  • Bringing together established and aspiring local social enterprises to discuss and share their experiences, good practice and ideas
  • Providing information on support services, events, training and business opportunities
  • Providing specialist, tailored advice to start-up social enterprises
  • Promoting social enterprises to the public, businesses, the third sector and the public sector
  • Ensuring the interests of local social enterprises are represented at various forums, partnership meetings and stakeholder events

We inspire more people to volunteer so they can enhance their lives, the lives of others and build resilient communities.

Our principles:

  • Everyone has the right to offer their time to volunteer and we seek to inspire and enable them to do so.
  • Every volunteer has the right to have a great volunteering experience and we work with voluntary and public sector organisations who involve volunteers to help them achieve this
  • Volunteering is always a matter of free choice.
  • Volunteers must never be a direct replacement for paid workers
  • True volunteering is for the benefit of the social community, the individual and Volunteer Involving Organisations
  • We believe that involving volunteers enhances organisations

What difference does the Third Sector Interface make?

The national vision for TSIs is 'Resilient and empowered communities creating a stronger, fairer and more equitable Scotland with a thriving third sector at its heart*'.

By working together in partnership we:

  • Promote and develop volunteering
  • Support social enterprise development
  • Support and develop a strong third sector
  • Connect the third sector to the community planning process

Some useful resources:

Memorandum of Understanding and Governance Protocol here.
TSI Network Contacts here.
Partnership Work Plan here.

* Scottish Government's Third Sector Interface: Outcome Framework, September 2018.

The Edinburgh TSI has been awarded Committed to Excellence by the European Framework for Quality Management (EFQM).